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'Swimway at the Home Guard' - Terms & Conditions

The policies outlined below are specific to the use of ‘SwimWay at the Home Guard’ pool (76B Richmond Park Rd, London SW14 8LA).

For more specific policies related to the use of the pool for SwimWay Ltd Swimming Lessons, please view their terms here and privacy details here.

1.    General Swimming Policies

Swimming Pools can be extremely dangerous for unsupervised children and teenagers, as well as adults swimming alone. Swimming pool accidents can happen to anyone, regardless of swimming ability, therefore we require that the following TERMS OF USE are strictly adhered to:

1.1      Any person entering the pool does so at your/their own risk.  The responsible guardian in attendance is fully responsible for any person entering the water

1.2      All Barns Home Guard Association junior members (under 18 years), regardless of swimming ability, must be supervised at all times by an adult Barnes Home Guard Association member / guardian that can swim and is able to jump into the pool to assist a child in danger of drowning.  Should the child be 8 or younger, the responsible guardian will need to be in the water at all times

1.3      The Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd) reserves the right to cancel your booking/s should significant pool closures occur as a result of an incident (health and safety or otherwise) caused by you, your guardian or your child

1.4      To avoid overcrowding, only those registered in your booking are allowed to be in attendance

1.5      Please do keep the neighbours in mind when arriving, using and leaving the venue and keep noise levels to a minimum

1.6      Please do not enter the pool area more than 5 minutes prior to the start of your booking. This is to avoid noise and disruption for those already swimming.  Please wait quietly in the reception area until your booking starts.  Do note that due to health and safety regulations, no entry is allowed into the pool area until a lifeguard is on site

1.7      For hygiene reasons, pool shoe covers must be used or remove your outdoor shoes

1.8      It is compulsory to shower before and after using the swimming pool to ensure a high level of hygiene. Please be considerate of others and keep your shower usage to a reasonable length of time

1.9      Filming/photography in or around the pool is not recommended.  The Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd) and Barnes Home Guard Association accept no responsibility for the individual actions of any member who does not follow this recommendation.  Please note that under no circumstances should you proceed with any filming/photography at all, unless you have the consent of all adults on site, including the parents of children swimming at the same time as your child, and the instructors

1.10   All persons over the age of 3 years old are required to wear a swimming cap at all times whilst using the swimming pool

1.11   All children under the age of 3 years are required to wear the double nappy system. There are no exceptions to this rule, regardless of potty training.  This consists of an aqua nappy (such as Huggies) that can be bought in most supermarkets/chemists and a Happy Nappy over the top. The Happy Nappy can be bought on-line at www.splashabout.com, Jo Jo Maman Bebe, Amazon, and various other retailers

1.12   Nappies must be taken away, or disposed of in a nappy bin if there is one available

1.13   Children should not be fed for 1 hour before swimming (45 mins for fluid/milk)

1.14   No glass items, food or drink (other than water or baby milk) allowed in or around the pool area

1.15   The swimming pool depth is 1.2 metres throughout.  Diving or jumping in the pool or running around the pool area is expressly forbidden

1.16   Please note strictly no pets or any animals are permitted into the facilities except for assistance animals for the visually impaired.  Any assistance animals are to be kept outside of the pool area.  Please do contact the Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay LTD) before attending should you need to bring an assistance animal  

1.17   The Barnes Home Guard Association and Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd) and its staff shall be completely held harmless against any and all liability, loss of life and/or property, damage or expense, including, without limitation, attorney's fees and cost of litigation, resulting from any and all accidents or incidents occurring at  ‘SwimWay at the Home Guard’ pool facilities and external areas during your visit

1.18   Please report any missing items to the lifeguard on duty or Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd), and the team will do our best to locate them

1.19   In order to undertake swimming activities as an adult or a child you will need to first become a Barnes Home Guard Association member.  Membership can be obtained via the Barnes Home Guard Association website: http://www.BHGA.org.uk

1.20   The Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd) and Barnes Home Guard Association will not use or make available any personal information that we hold to any third party not directly responsible for, or connected with, the servicing of your booking. SwimWay and Barnes Home Guard Association will not use your personal information except to send you related membership services and marketing communications. If you wish to be removed from our mailing list, please inform us by clicking the unsubscribe link, or replying to one of the emails you have received with “unsubscribe”. 

1.21   We may from time to time change these terms and conditions without giving you notice, but we will use our reasonable endeavours to inform you as soon as is reasonably possible of any such change


2.    Medical Disclosures

2.1      It is the Barnes Home Guard Association member’s legal responsibility to disclose any pertinent medical information regarding any person entering the pool. If in doubt, first contact your doctor for clearance to swim. In addition you need to let the Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd) office know in writing via email, before booking a session or entering the pool

2.2      People should not swim if they have any significant illness, including by not limited too;  ear infection, chicken pox or a cold. If any person entering the water has had sickness or diarrhoea, they should not use swimming pools whilst symptomatic, or for 48 hours after symptoms have completely ceased. People diagnosed with cryptosporidiosis should not use swimming pools and for 14 days after symptoms have resolved. 

2.3      You are fully responsible for ensuring you or any junior members in your care are fit and healthy to undertake swimming activities. If you or your child/baby have any existing medical conditions you should seek advice from your doctor prior and be cleared to swim before attending the swimming activities. In some cases, a doctor’s note may be required confirming you and/or your child are able to partake in the swimming activities. The Swimming Pool Operator (SwimWay Ltd) and Barnes Home Guard Association do not accept any responsibility for any negative impact during your use of the ‘SwimWay at the Home Guard’ pool 

2.4      Any medical diagnoses such as those above must be made known as soon as possible in person to the lifeguard on duty as well as in writing to:

SwimWay Ltd: homeguard@swimway.co.uk

3.    ‘SwimWay at the Home Guard’ pool Booking & Cancellation Policies

3.1      Bookings for ‘Membership Hours’ usage can be made up to one week in advance.  You can access the booking site via your Barnes Home Guard Association membership page after logging in to your account

3.2      Fair usage policy - You can only book a maximum of two one-hour sessions a week

3.3      In order to cancel your booking due to sickness, you will need to log in to your Barnes Home Guard Association membership account and cancel your booking 

3.4      If you do not attend your booking and do not cancel in advance, you will not be able to make another booking for a period of one week

3.5  Your Membership can not be used by another person

3.6 You can only make a booking for yourself and a junior member who is attending with you

3.7 All swim sessions have a duration of 30 or 60 minutes. Arrive 15min before your swim session and you must exit the pool building within 15min after your session has ended

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